Some states now require cemetery and funeral pre-need trusts to be administered by an unaffiliated Corporate Trustee.  Santa Fe Trust, an independent Chartered Trustee, has formed a Cemetery and Funeral Trust Advisory Committee to support the administration of those accounts.  This team of experts offers support in administration, investment, accounting, state reporting and tax filings for cemetery and funeral trusts.  If a company is performing one or more of these administration functions internally, Santa Fe can work to "fill in the gaps" as needed.  Our efficiencies are such that, when Santa Fe Trust manages administration and compliance, the cemetery or funeral company’s time and money can be directed in more productive ways.

Santa Fe Trust meets the emerging requirements for independent trust oversight and administration with the fiduciary integrity and transparency that meets regulatory and compliance requirements.  It also assures your clients of third party oversight, administration and compliance, now and in the future.

As a fiduciary, we are held to the highest standards of care.  The Financial Institutions Division (FID) of the State of New Mexico audits Santa Fe Trust annually.  Santa Fe Trust provides fidelity bonding for our employees and general liability coverage to protect trust assets in our care.  Our Cemetery Trust Advisory Board and our outside CPA provide ongoing review of our business practices.  Santa Fe Trust can provide the answer to your cemetery and funeral trust regulatory and marketing needs.