The Estate Planning Team, a professional membership organization, is the exclusive marketer of The Deferred Sales Trust™ concept.  The Team is a nationwide association with over 3,600 members, including securities advisors, CPAs, attorneys, insurance professionals, qualified intermediaries, mortgage lenders, banks, title and real estate professionals. The Team designs tax minimization, estate, retirement income and asset protection strategies for their clients.

The Deferred Sales Trust™ is a Tax Code compliant strategy that allows property and business owners to defer their capital gains tax liability upon a sale and increase their retirement income.  Its proper administration requires the participation of a qualified chartered fiduciary such as Santa Fe Trust, Inc.

"We are pleased to be working with the Estate Planning Team members and their clients who need a reliable and experienced chartered trustee to administer their Deffered Sales Trusts.™  Our expertise and business model provide a strategic advantage to those seeking to maximize trust administrative and investment flexibility." says Geoffrey A. Madsen, President and COO of Santa Fe Trust Inc.

The American Bankers Association estimates that over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion will pass from one generation to the next.  Much of this wealth will consist of highly appreciated real estate and business interests, the sale of which will create significant capital gains tax exposure.  The Deferred Sales Trust™ offers a means to defer income taxes and provide an income stream when the assets change hands.

"We’re ecstatic that Santa Fe Trust Inc. has joined The Estate Planning Team as a corporate trustee for our members’ clients looking toward the Deferred Sales Trust™ to protect the assets they’ve worked so hard for.  Our primary goal at EPT is to help preserve the wealth of our members’ clients.  I have no doubt that Santa Fe Trust Inc. will provide the personal service and experience necessary to help us achieve this goal," says Robert Binkele, CEO, Estate Planning Team.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with The Estate Planning Team.

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