Trustors and Beneficiaries

Santa Fe Trust was founded by individuals who had worked hard to earn assets and found that trust administration alternatives were not available to meet their needs.  If you have spent decades with discipline and effort, or if a loved one has provided you with assets to ease your circumstances, the management of these assets in trust is a great concern.

We offer an alternative to bank trust departments and trust companies that restrict the assets held in trust to proprietary or pre-selected investments.

When assets are placed in trust, the new trustee often seeks to replace the current assets in the portfolio.  This is a taxable event.  Taxation is the greatest threat to preservation of trust assets.  It can take years to overcome an initial loss, or the trust may never earn its way back to the original asset value. 

Trust Independence® at Santa Fe Trust means that fiduciary trust administration and the day to day management and decision making involved in managing the assets held in trust are unbundled.  Unbundling these two important functions allows Santa Fe Trust to rely on the trusted Financial Advisor of a trustor or beneficiary to manage the assets held in trust.  We work with Financial Advisors to craft unique investment portfolios subject to the documents that govern each trust, state law and general fiduciary guidelines.  Santa Fe Trust in its role as a trustee provides continuing oversight.

Santa Fe Trust reviews the trust documents accompanying all new trust accounts.  We follow those directions.  Your trustor's directions govern our actions.  If we accept the administration of your trust, we do not require you to sell assets and diminish the original value placed there.  We provide individual attention necessary to administer unique assets.  We offer state-of-the-art trust accounting that generates instant account information in easy to read, detailed statements and year-end tax reports.

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